We can’t out-spend the fossil fuel industry. Our power comes from the sheer numbers of people across the planet who are rising up and demanding our right to a livable planet.

That being said, shutting down this industry is not without costs. This website, printing, advertising and outreach materials, travel expenses, action equipment, organizers’ time, and art materials all cost money.

Your financial contribution helps pay for these costs and helps make this mobilization bigger and more powerful. Thank you! 


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This May, we’re breaking free. We’re breaking free from an industry that’s driving the climate crisis and throwing our seasons out of whack. We’re breaking free from an industry that poisons our air and water. We’re breaking free from an industry that doesn’t respect our right to keep dangerous fracking activities away from homes and school. We’re breaking free to protect our health and to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

This is going to be one of the largest mass mobilizations for climate action in the history of Colorado. It is part of a global wave of powerful grassroots actions. Here in Colorado, we are taking action to defend our communities from the dangers of fossil fuel extraction on our lands. We are sending a strong message to our state leadership that we must break away from fracking our public lands and communities! Together, we can be a powerful voice for the just transition to a 100% clean energy economy!

Your financial support for Break Free CO is much appreciated and will help to cover associated expenses, such as transportation, visuals, trainings, and supplies. Thank you!

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